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Caffeine generally has a positive impact on testosterone levels. It has been shown that men that consume caffeine on a regular basis, on average, have more testosterone than those that don’t. Not only this but the estradiol levels, both free and total, have been reduced. It has also been suggested by researchers that caffeine may act as an aromatase inhibitor that boosts testosterone production.

We want to temper expectations here. Coffee is not a full solution to testosterone deficiency — caffeine can slightly boost testosterone levels with regular consumption. Testosterone deficiency is a complex issue and can be caused by several things, so using caffeine is not a “Swiss army knife” solution for this issue.

What you should be doing when you notice testosterone deficiency symptoms is go see a doctor, get your levels tested, and take it from there. Coffee can be one small piece of the puzzle in your recovery that you throw in for good measure.

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